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Workflow procedure

1. The Brief

The most important part of the job. Communication and details are key. Each client is assigned a consultant, who will work with you. Please see our ‘contact us’ page for more information on what is required. A consultant will advise on any potential problems or better solutions to achieve or even improve on the envisaged quality and related costs. All details of the brief are required in order for our estimators to develop a quote.   If you are in Cape Town, we encourage our clients to come and visit us at our showroom, so we can look at all existing samples and options at the same time.


2. Raw Sample

This should be made for any job, to approve the design concept, size and feel of the product.

3. Dieline

After approval of the sample we will make a dieline. This will be sent to our clients to create and finalise the artwork.

4. Final Sample

Before going ahead and printing the full quantity, it is advisable to make a digitally produced final sample. There are constraints on digital prints so this would be discussed on a job by job basis
5. Once approved production starts

Our Departments

Sample and design

Our experienced designers with dedicated software and a large size plotter/cutter have vast experience in all kinds of packaging design. Also every design and die we created in the past is still in the system for reference and future use.

Die making

Here we convert the designs into wooden dies with metal rules inserted for cutting and creasing.

Die Cutting

The die is sent over with the raw materials (cardboard, carton, chip board, paper) to be placed on the die cutting machines. They would be run on the either a platten – powerful, flat-bed die cutter for thick and hard materials, or a cylinder – rotary cylinder die cutting for paper and lighter board.

Litho Printing

The majority of full colour printing is done litho. We also have 1 and 2 colour presses for all special colours that clients have chosen for their logo and final design.

Silk Screening

A vital department for specialist packaging. Here we can print on all kinds of material and also do small quantities cost efficient print runs. We also spot UV varnish and can do branding on coloured materials.


Clients may want their final products to have a special appearance. All printed jobs can be gloss, matt, or soft touch laminated. Besides giving a special finish, this also shields the prints against marks, scratches, or cracking on folds.

Foiling, de bossing and embossing

Another important department to enhance the quality appearance of the products. Foiling adds actual metallic material for logos etc, while de bossing and embossing uses the same machines and similar technique to raise or press images into the material.

Gift Bags

Ready printed and die cut stacks are delivered to the bag department. An assembly line is used to glue and create bags of all different sizes, patterns and materials – from your basic craft retail bags to all kind of luxurious finish.


A large variety of folded cartons is being produced daily, like party boxes, cake boxes, shoe boxes, wine carriers and any other typical card board box. Products vary from inexpensive craft board items to luxurious parfum and other cosmetic or valuable products.

Box covering

Gift boxes are made using different thickness chip board and covered with paper or specialised materials. The paper is run through gluing machines– and various assembly teams professionally wrap and cover the box. This includes all types of boxes, lid and base, magnetic closures, hinged boxes, etc. Besides printed sheets we use a large range speciality papers with textures and different looks, also textile and leatherette materials. Ribbon can be added as well, plus whatever inserts are required to hold the products in place.


We have a dedicated stationery department. Again we make use of the raw materials and printed stock to create customer journals, notebooks, notepads, calendars, and many more products. As the products are made from scratch, every aspect of the product is customizable and can be made to suit your specific requirements

Quality Control

All finished products then go through a quality control line and are then packed, wrapped and labelled. .


We do daily deliveries in and around Cape Town and we have daily road transports to all parts of South Africa and also have shipments overseas. So we know how to pack the products so they arrive safely at their destination.

Admin and Finance

This is the function that holds it all together, but our philosophy is that if we get all the other aspects sorted out to our clients satisfaction, then this aspect will look after itself and provide and reflect a solid foundation for the business to thrive and for our staff to be motivated and have job satisfaction.